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Using Lil Regie and PayPal
Using Lil Regie and PayPal

How to set up your event with a PayPal merchant account

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In addition to the Lil Regie merchant account, we also offer integration with third-party credit card processing services through PayPal and Stripe

Setting these up is straightforward, although with PayPal there are a few settings you'll need to make sure you've got right. (For more info on setting up Stripe, see our related help document.)

At the Lil Regie end, enabling PayPal is as simple as selecting that option under the Payments tab, during your event setup.

You'll be redirected to PayPal, which will ask you to confirm your permission:

It's important to note here that in order to proceed you'll need to have a Business account, or be willing to upgrade to one. You may also need to enable the Express Checkout facility at PayPal's end.

When you've granted permission to Lil Regie, you'll be taken back to complete your event setup.

When you've enabled PayPal for your event, attendees will be redirected to a PayPal checkout page, where they can make their payment. 

Why use PayPal?

One great benefit of using PayPal for your credit card transactions is that the money from this is paid directly from PayPal into your bank account. This is great for your cashflow and means that Lil Regie is not holding your money as we do when our merchant account is used. Then, at the conclusion of your event, Lil Regie will send you an invoice for payment of its fees. 

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Otherwise feel free to contact us via Live Help any time - we're always happy to help! 

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