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Registering someone from within Lil Regie
Registering someone from within Lil Regie

There’s some situations where you might want to register someone for your event, perhaps a speaker or a sponsor.

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We’ve made manual registrations nice and easy for you to do whilst logged in to your Lil Regie administration.

Go to your event and then to the “Who’s coming” section. You’ll notice an “Add an attendee” button up in the right hand corner.

Click on this and you’ll go to a registration form where you can register them. All of the fields contained within the public registration form for your event are included here, so fill them in as per a normal registration.

Then you can choose whether to charge them standard pricing for your event, another price of your choosing, or not to charge them at all (i.e. free!). To add in your own price, just replace the default amount with that new price.

If you choose “No charge – Free!” then there’s a price of $0 shown and you can confirm their booking immediately.

If you have more than one eventlet, then you can register them for more eventlets via the “Add another eventlet” button.

When choosing your payment method, this will reflect the options you have given people on the main registration form, for example, invoice or credit card.

You then fill in their “Billing details”, and if it’s a credit card payment, their credit card details.

(Please note that you must take these credit card details via the phone and they cannot be stored anywhere.)

Finally, click the “Confirm booking” button at the bottom of the page to make the registration. On completion of this, you’ll be taken to their Booking Page within Lil Regie and they will be fully registered for your event.

All confirmation emails for your event will be automatically sent out as with a normal registration.

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