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Can I export my data from Lil Regie?
Can I export my data from Lil Regie?

There are a variety of ways you can filter booking and attendee data within Lil Regie

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Can you export your data from Lil Regie? Yes! Yes you can. There are a variety of ways you can filter booking and attendee data within Lil Regie and you can export all, or any, of that data you’ve captured as a .CSV file. Here’s how…

Improved filtering

Both the “Who’s Coming” and “Bookings” section of Lil Regie give you the ability to filter what you’re seeing.

These are the options in “Who’s Coming”:

The “Any eventlet” filter allows you to see just those who are registered for a particular eventlet, or for everything. And if you’ve created “Ticket Types” (e.g. earlybird and standard) or “Attendee Types” (eg student price, members’ price) you can further narrow things down using those categories.

The “Filter by” option allows you to see those attendees who have paid (and those who haven’t), those who have checked in via the Check-in module, or have cancelled their bookings.

The filter in the “Bookings” section allows you to see paid, unpaid, cancelled and complimentary bookings as well as methods of payment. The “Discount vouchers” filter allows to you see only those bookings that have been made via any vouchers you may have created.

Exporting your data

There’s a big “Export” button on the right hand side of both the “Who’s Coming” and “Bookings” sections. Clicking this takes you to a page where you can further refine exactly what data you’d like to export from Lil Regie.

Any filters that you have already operating within “Who’s Coming” and “Bookings” will be saved when you look at this page.

On the “Export” page you have the ability to choose which fields you want to export data from. Every field that’s part of the registration form is shown for you to choose from.

You can also use the filters available and specify a date-range.

Finally, just click the “Export my data” button to export the file to your computer. It will be in .CSV format for use in a spreadsheet or application.

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