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Creating a Lil Regie event
Testing your event before going live
Testing your event before going live

Lil Regie offers the ability to fully test your event before hitting the “Publish” button and going live.

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When you set your event up, the final step is to test your event setup, and then publish!

Click on the “Test your registration form” button and you’ll open up a test registration form in a new tab. You can tell it’s a test registration by the “Test mode: Complete a test registration to see how your form works.” message that appears at the top of the form.

Everything on the form works as per a normal registration, so go ahead and do a test registration.

On the “Payment” page of the form, you’ll be asked how you’d like to pay. The options will reflect what you’ve set up for your event, so choose whatever you’d like for testing. And don’t worry, you can do as many test registrations as you like, so you’ll be able to test all of the options!

Choosing the “Invoice me” option takes you to to the “Who’s paying” page where you can fill in the details. (Note that several fields are already filled in for you).

Choosing the “Online by credit card” option also takes you to the “Who’s paying” page. Here, the “Credit card details” are already filled in with test data provided by our merchant account provider.

It’s quite safe to click “Complete booking” – no money will be charged!

You’ll then reach the “Success” page for the booking, showing all of the wording that a normal registration would see.

Emails will also be sent out to the email addresses you’ve used for the booking – so probably a good idea to use your own email! These emails will include [TEST] in the subject line so you’ll know.

You can see exactly what emails attendees and billing contacts will receive and make any further changes needed.

When you’ve done all of your testing and everything looks and works how you’d like it, then hit the “Publish my event” button and your registration form will "go live"!

All of the test bookings will be deleted and of course you won’t be charged for any of them.

As always, if you'd like any assistance with your event's setup before you go live, please get in touch with our Live Support! 

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