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Waitlisting your event
Waitlisting your event

Managing a waitlist for your event can be frustrating and time-consuming. Lil Regie can take care of that for you.

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The waitlist option becomes available when you set a maximum number of tickets for your event. To activate it, simply tick the checkbox:

If you choose to have a waitlist, you’ll also be asked if you want to have a maximum number. If this number is reached, your event will show as “Sold Out”, and the waitlist option removed. 

And that’s it! Your waitlist will be in place once your event is published.

How the waitlist works on your form

If an eventlet sells out, and while there are still spaces available on the waitlist, attendees will have the option to add themselves to the waitlist.

They won’t be charged for the waitlisted event, but confirmation they’ve been added will be shown during the booking process and in their confirmation emails.

Managing your waitlist

You can manage your waitlist via the 'Manage' section of the dashboard. Here you’ll see the waitlisted attendees for each of your eventlets.

Note that the default time period for the waitlist invitation to expire is 48 hours. This can be changed by clicking the “Change time” link.

To invite someone to attend an eventlet, click on the “Invite to attend” button. This will take you to a screen where you can send them an email containing a link to register. The email is based on a template that you can find in the Advanced > Email templates page, but you can alter the wording for each individual email before you send it. Once you’ve sent the invitation, the Waitlist page will be updated to show who has been sent invitations.

When the invited attendee clicks on the link in their email, they’ll be taken to a form where they can book for the waitlisted eventlet.

They’ll have the same payment options as a normal registration for your event.

Once someone has registered, they’ll no longer appear on the Waitlist page. They can be found in the “Who’s Coming” and “Bookings” sections.

A separate invoice will be sent out, or provided if the payment is by credit card, for each separate booking via a waitlist invitation. The attendee’s booking page will show these:

Note that inviting people from your Waitlist over-rides the maximum number allowed to register for your event. So if your limit is 100 registrations, and this number has been reached, any further registrations will be added to the waitlist. If you then invite a waitlisted person, and they accept, you will have a total of 101 registrations. You do not need to increase the maximum number allowed in order to use the Waitlist.

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