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Adding multiple map links for eventlets
Adding multiple map links for eventlets

Different ways to convey location info for multiple eventlets

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By now, you've probably noticed the option to add a link to your event's location on the main event details page:

If you're running multiple eventlets in different locations, it might seem like you're out of luck, but fortunately we have a few different options to help you provide map links for these too.

You'll first need to navigate to and get the link for your location via the 'share' option (or just copy the link from your address bar):

Then hop back over to Lil Regie, and bring up the details page for the eventlet in question. 

You have several options here! 

If you add your link to the "Link to further details about this eventlet" field, then the map link will show up as "more info" on your registration form:

Another option is to enter a witty subtitle of your choice, and select the checkbox to "add a link to a website." Paste in the link to your google maps location, and save:

This will give you:

There's also the option to include a link to your location in the eventlet's description field (we automagically turn URLs into links for you). The effect is less "neat" than using the other two options, but here the link is more obvious:

Whichever option you decide to use, Lil Regie is always here to help! If you have any questions on providing more information about your event and eventlets, please get in touch with us on Live Help.

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