We often get asked this question; after all, most other ticketing companies still support the model of passing on related fees to the attendee. 

While it may not be what you're used to, why we've done this goes right to the heart of why we built Lil Regie. As creators of our own event, we wanted a registration system that made our lives easier. But as people who sign up all the time for events and gigs and movies, we know just how painful registering for something can be. So we also wanted to provide the best registration experience for people signing up to your event.

If that's not enough to convince you, it's also worth noting that consumer organisations around the world are also picking up on this issue of hidden costs, accusing other ticketing companies of "making deceptive claims to consumers." Even our own local Consumer magazine has featured this topic in the past. 

Yes, but why are you charging me the credit card fees, rather than letting me charge the attendee?

Because we think it's a flawed system where people registering for an event see a price that they think they will pay, and then find out there's "added extras" tacked on - booking fees, service fees, convenience fees and so on. We find that frustrating and we know so many people do also.

We wanted the attendee to see the one price they will pay, so that's how we've designed Lil Regie! We think it makes a better experience for them.

I'm not really happy with that model. What can I do?

All you need to do is ensure your event price is set up to cover the credit card fee. If you've chosen Lil Regie as your merchant account, then simply adding an extra 2.75% will cover you. Fees for other credit card processing services such as PayPal do vary from time to time, so it will pay to check for the latest rate. Then you're not losing out, and the attendee still sees upfront what price they are paying.

More information

For more information on fees and credit card transactions, please see the following help documents:
Credit card transactions and Lil Regie
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Or contact us via Live Help, at any time!

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