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Can people make multiple payments for a registration with Lil Regie?
Can people make multiple payments for a registration with Lil Regie?

Want to help people pay in several instalments? Let us help you manage that.

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Occasionally attendees may want to pay for their registration across multiple payments. While Lil Regie doesn't provide an automatic way to do this, processing this type of payment is possible if it's done manually.

Generally speaking, registrations can be paid for in two ways: via credit card, or invoice. If an attendee chooses to pay with their credit card at the time of registration, this will have to be made in full. If you provide the option for people to pay via invoice however, attendees can make payments to a nominated bank account - and this payment can be via part-payments, or a full payment.

The downside to processing part-payments is that these will need to be manually tracked by you, but the process is pretty straightforward.

First, go to the Who's Coming page, and select the booking link for the attendee in question.

On the booking details page, select the "process payment" link, beside the invoice you'd like to process.

Here you can select whether you'd like to make a payment via credit card (perhaps over the phone), or process a manual payment outside Lil Regie.

Enter the part-payment amount, and then select "process payment."

You should then see the updated payment information on the booking page, including the recent payment, and the outstanding balance.

Back on the Who's Coming page, you'll see the attendee is still flagged as "unpaid." This will remain the status for this attendee until their booking has been paid for in full.

To process further part-payments, simply repeat the process until the booking has been completely paid for.  And if, at any time, you need to produce an updated invoice for the attendee, you can do this via the Bookings page too. Just go to the individual booking, and the Payment Details section.  From there you can select the "download PDF" link and take it from there.

If you have any other questions about payments, or payment options, please get in touch with us on Live Help.

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