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A "tickets only" event with Lil Regie
A "tickets only" event with Lil Regie

For events where you sell tickets and don't need to know who buys them.

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So, what's the difference between “standard Lil Regie” and the ticketing model?

The main difference is that with the ticketing option, no personal information is taken about your attendees, apart from the email address to which tickets are sent.

A second difference is that payment via credit card is the only option for ticketed events. Whilst being able to invoice attendees has its place, we don't think it's needed for these type of events.

One benefit of setting an event up this way is that a ticketed event makes it much easier for someone to buy multiple tickets in one go; there's no need to enter personal details for each person attending! It can also be easier at check-in time, especially if you just want to tick off people as they come through the door.

Because now it's much easier for someone to order bulk tickets, we've applied a default limit of twenty tickets per booking, just to keep us all sane. However this can be easily adjusted up or down.

It's also worth pointing out that the Lil Regie fees are the same for a ticketed, and a standard event.

How do I go about setting up a ticketed event?

On the first page of the new event setup, make sure you select the option “No, I just need to know the number of tickets sold.” 

The only main difference to your event set-up is that you won't see an Attendee Info section. Everything else is largely the same.


Payments for ticket only events are by credit card only. We're done this to enable a quicker registration process and to ensure you know that every person attending your event has already paid when they arrive at the door.

How can we accommodate people wanting to pass on tickets to someone else? 

In the past, event organisers would often ask us to help with ticket transfers - passing a booking made in one name, to another person. Because we don't collect attendee information with the ticketing option, transferring a ticket between people is easy - just hand the ticket over to the new attendee!  If you’re looking for this flexibility, then the ticketing option is a great way to go.

How can we stop people from passing tickets on to someone else?

If you’d prefer to keep things more pinned-down, then we suggest you stick with the Lil Regie standard model, which requires attendee details for each spot booked.

How can I check people in with the ticketing model?

The Lil Regie check-in app works perfectly here. Each ticket sent out will have an attached PDF with a unique QR Code. Bookings for multiple tickets will have multiple PDFs. Have attendees present the QR code at entry, and then either scan them in, or manually check them in. All done!

What can we do if we want to manage seating for our event?
While we don’t currently offer a way to assign specific seats to attendees, there’s no reason why you couldn’t create multiple eventlets for an event, and allocate a specific section or area of your venue to each. 

This information is included on the ticket, and you could help direct attendees to a specific area of your venue in that way.

How do I manually process a ticket purchase?
Occasionally, you may want to either manually produce a ticket, or give a differently-priced ticket to someone for your event. While we have a manual form for standard Lil Regie events, it's much easier to use the registration form for a ticketed event. 

If you have a requirement to give either a free or reduced-price ticket, then you'll need to create a voucher for the changed-price ticket. You can find more information on creating vouchers in our related help document.

Other questions?

If you do have any other questions please get in touch with us via our Live Support - we're always happy to help!

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