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Lil Regie and Mailchimp
Lil Regie and Mailchimp

How to set up and export your event's data to Mailchimp

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Lil Regie is happy to introduce Mailchimp integration! Now you can export your event’s data to Mailchimp and make use of their email and marketing automation.

To set this up you will need a Mailchimp account (you can sign up here).

Back at Lil Regie, just navigate to the Advanced tab for your event, and select ‘Mailing Lists’ from the side navigation:

You’ll be taken to Mailchimp and asked to sign-in to connect Lil Regie with your Mailchimp account.

You'll then be taken back to Lil Regie, ready to create your mailing list. 

Next, name your new list, decide on the information you want to send to Mailchimp, and hit the “Create List” button. You’ll be taken back to the main Mailing lists page, and your new list will display there!

Selecting the link for your mailing list will show you its details:

(It’s worth noting that if you need to make any tweaks to your list, you’ll need to create a new one! This is to prevent any syncing issues.)

Mailchimp has recently updated their naming convention and now calls these lists 'audiences.' At the Mailchimp end, our list has synced, and displays under the Audiences menu.

It make take a few minutes for all of the data to be synced from Lil Regie to Mailchimp, especially if you have a lot of attendees for your event. Also note that Mailchimp works with email addresses as its focus - so if you have some attendees at your event register using the same email address (perhaps someone has registered for them), then Mailchimp will only save that email address once and not send multiple emails to the same address.

Selecting the audience name gives greater detail, and lets you specify which columns you’d like to use (from your exported data) for this particular audience.

From here you can create a new Campaign and design your group emails and communications with this group in mind!

There are a few things to note when using Lil Regie and Mailchimp:

  • If you delete an Audience from Mailchimp, you cannot recreate this via Lil Regie; a new one must be created, using the steps outlined above.

  • If your Lil Regie event has multiple eventlets, these will be automatically sent to Mailchimp so that you can use them to segment your audience.

  • If your Lil Regie event has multiple Attendee or Ticket types, these will also automatically be sent to Mailchimp.

  • Changing details of your audience within Mailchimp - for example changing the name of a field - can cause problems when re-syncing back with Lil Regie. So it’s best to avoid changing audience and custom field settings in Mailchimp.

There are lots of useful ways Mailchimp can integrate with Lil Regie; for example you might want to contact everyone who has specific dietary requirements, or you might want to send some follow-up information to people who attended a particular workshop. 

If you need any further help with Mailchimp they have an extensive knowledge base; otherwise we’re happy to help with any questions you may have at the Lil Regie side of things!

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