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Once your account is set up, you might need to give others access to your event admin too. Here's how to do it!

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If you're the person who created your account, you will have been set up as an Account Administrator by default. Account Admins are able to create new users and assign them one of the following security levels:

Account administrator: Users at this level have full access over your account. They can change and edit account details, add new users, create new events and more. You probably don’t want to add too many users at this level. Remember—with great power, comes great responsibility!

Event administrator: Users at this level have full access over one or more particular events. They can change details about the event, create new eventlets, edit details for those attending the event and more.

Event helper: Users at this level can create and manage bookings and attendees for one or more particular events. They cannot change anything about the event, though. Additionally, event helpers don't get to see all of the event's financials.

To set someone up with access, simply select the 'users' link at the very top of the page. You'll be brought to the Users page for your account, and you should see the following:

The next step is to select the "add a user" button, and complete the details for your new colleague:

This is the place where you can specify what level of access you'd like this person to have, as well as which events (live, past, or draft) they need to see.

Once you hit the "create user" button, your part of the process is complete. This new user, however, will receive an email in their inbox with a link to create a new password and log in. Once that's done, they'll be able to log in to your admin dashboard and get on with things.

That said, if you do find you're experiencing any issues with setting people up, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our Live Help!

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