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Saving your bank account details
Saving your bank account details

Ensuring we have your bank account details for paying out your event money

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For events where you use Lil Regie's merchant account facility for credit card payments, we ask you to approve a Financial Summary at the event's conclusion. This summary outlines how much money we've collected on your behalf, what our fees are, and how much we will be paying out to you. We also ask for your bank account details in order to make this payment.

You can save these bank account details at your account level, and doing so means that these fields in your Financial Summary will be pre-filled, saving you some time. And you can always change the account details on an event basis should you need to have the money paid into a different account for a particular event.

To save your bank account details, click on 'My Account':

and then "Edit" for either account name or number:

Then just fill in your account details and Save:

These details will be pre-filled when you need to approve your event's Financial Summary:

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