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Events with multiple ticket types

Students or unwaged? Early Bird tickets? How about Early Bird students? Whatever your combo, Lil Regie's got you covered.

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If you need to set up different ticketing options, you can find these under the Ticket Types tab. (We covered some of the basics in our intro help article, but we'll go into a bit more detail here.)

Our main ticket divisions are for different groups of people, and tickets that have a date-specific costing.

Different groups

If you'd like to add an option for tickets for waged or unwaged, or club members, then the "Ticket prices vary for different groups of people" option is for you. 

 Simply create your attendee types (reordering to your liking), and then you can set the prices for these on the next page.

It's worth pointing out here that we can't offer any extra fields at this point (for example to request a student ID number), but it's entirely possible to customise your Attendee Details section to gather this extra information. 

Different dates

If, on the other hand, you're going to be offering Early Bird (or Late Bird) tickets, you'll want to select the "Ticket prices vary depending on the date" option. 

This, too, is pretty straightforward. Just use our handy date chooser to add your date ranges, and you're good to go.

We'll even give you a wee nudge if it looks like you've got any gaps or overlaps.

Different groups and dates

 Finally, we've also got the option to combine these two scenarios. Simply select "Ticket prices vary for different groups of people AND the date", and enter the ticketing details.

You can then add your pricing options on the Pricing page.

At this stage, Lil Regie doesn't have the option to limit the number of tickets available to each group, but this is something we're looking at implementing in the future.

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