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Bulk-discounted tickets
Bulk-discounted tickets

How to set up discounting on bulk ticket purchases.

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One feature we're commonly asked about is how to set up discount options for people who buy a certain number of tickets. 

To view the discounting options, you just need to select the 'show discount options' link, under the Ticket Prices tab.

Here, you'll find two different discount options. The first, which we've called an "Eventlet discount", lets you apply a discount if more than one eventlet has been booked. In our example below, people who register for "Workshop 1" will get a ten-dollar discount if they also attend "My other wonderful event."

The other discount type is the bulk discount. Here you can specify a discount for multiple people attending a single eventlet. (The fields that display are based on the ticket types selected.)

Here we've specified a discount when more than five people are booked in together to our eventlet.

As you can see, we've tried to keep this as simple as possible. Simply enter your bulk ticket "threshold", and then the discounted price that will apply for any subsequent tickets purchased. 

It's important to note that these discounts only apply to tickets purchased at the same time (in a single booking), although if you do wish to tweak pricing for individuals outside of this booking process Lil Regie can help you there too.

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