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How to change ticket prices for already-registered attendees
How to change ticket prices for already-registered attendees

Tweaking ticket prices for individuals

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Lil Regie has several different approaches to customising ticket prices. In addition to the basic setup and bulk pricing options, you can also manually add attendees, with the option to enter a custom price.

But did you know that you can also tweak ticket prices for already-registered attendees?

To do this, just navigate to the "who's coming" section of your event, and select the attendee you'd like to modify. You can see here that Mike Brown has already signed up to attend the "My wonderful event", and paid the $10 fee.

But say for an unexpected reason the ticket prices for this event have changed; we need to update Mike's attendance and send him an invoice for the price change. To do this, just select the 'edit attendance' link under his name.

From here you can select the 'change price' option (or select 'cancel' to cancel Mike's attendance altogether). In this case we're going to increase the ticket price for poor Mike, from $10 to $100. 

Then hit the 'update price' button, and review.

Lil Regie clearly outlines the price change, and allows you to add a useful description to the invoice. Then hit "save & send invoice" and the updated details will be sent out to the billing contact. Note Mike's status changes to "unpaid", and details of the new invoice can be seen under the specific booking number.

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