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Booking eventlets that conflict with other eventlets
Booking eventlets that conflict with other eventlets

When eventlets overlap in time, I still want attendees to be able to book both of them

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Normally you don't want people to be able to book for concurrent eventlets because, well, they can't be in two places at the same time! But sometimes, your event is structured in such a way that this is needed. Here's how to allow that in Lil Regie.

Take this event:

You want people to pay for the overall event, and then to choose from some workshop options over the three days of the event. 

If you untick this option for each eventlet:

then they'll be able to choose any combination of eventlets. Sometimes that will be all you need. 

Here, though, you don't want them to choose both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 as they're on at the same time. So you need to have the "If the attendee selects this eventlet, don’t allow them to register for other eventlets during the same time period" option selected for these two eventlets. 

Of course, once you do that, then as soon as someone chooses "The great amazing event!", they won't be able to choose either of the workshops!

This is when you can use the "Ignore this eventlet when checking for timing conflicts" option:

Enabling that for "The great amazing event!" and enabling

for Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 means that attendees can choose "The great amazing event!" and then either Workshop 1 or Workshop 2, but not both of those workshops.

This is one of those Lil Regie features that you won't use often, but when you need to, it's a big help!

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