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Checking in your attendees at your event
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We got tired of sitting at the registration desk for Webstock, multiple copies of all the attendees printed out on sheets of paper, ruling off each person with a pen when they registered.

Then comparing copies and, if we were really organised, ending up with one master copy of all the people who actually showed up. Lots of times though, we didn’t really know.

We thought there’s got to be a better way!

So we built a Check-in Module for Lil Regie. We tested it ourselves at Webstock ’13 and found it a lot more efficient. And because it syncs back with the main Lil Regie application, we had an up-to-date and authoritative list of who had registered. It’s designed primarily for use with tablets and laptops, but will work with smartphones also. For Webstock, we did all of our registration process using iPads and it worked extremely well.

Here’s how to use it and what it does.

You access it via the url: and log in with the normal email address and password you use for Lil Regie.

You’ll then be asked to select which event you wish to do your check-ins for.

Once you’ve chosen your event, you’ll see this page:

This is your “Homepage” for the event and you can always get back to it via the “Home” button in the top left of the screen. The name of the event is in white at the top and centre, and if you need to change what event you’re looking at, you can via the “change” link next to that.

You can see at a glance how many people have registered for your event (186 for this one) and how many have been checked-in. To check someone in, ask for their name and start typing that into the “attendee name” search field.

Searching for a name will bring up this screen:

Note that if there’s more than one match for a name, they’ll all be displayed on this screen. Just choose the one you need.

Clicking on the “View” button will take you to that person’s page.

On this page you’ll see their name and details, whether they’ve paid or not, what events they’re attending and any other information you’ve collected on the registration page. You can also see there history with Lil Regie and any notes you made have added about them. If you want to add a note at this stage (for example, you may not have tshirts in their size, and will need to provide them later), you can do this.

Use the “Check in” button to check them in.

You can then immediately check in the next person using the “attendee name” search field.

Once a person is checked in, their page in the main Lil Regie application reflects this.

And when you’re in the “Who’s coming” section, you can filter attendees via those who are “checked in” or those who aren’t.

This is useful to export and then be able to print out a list of everyone that was checked in. Or everyone that didn’t show up and wasn’t checked in.

So that’s an overview of the Check-in Module. We hope you’ll find it useful and save you some time during your event’s registration process!

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