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Using vouchers to create different prices for your event
Using vouchers to create different prices for your event

For many events you’ll want to offer different prices for different people, or groups of people.

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The most common way to do this in Lil Regie is via the “Ticket types” option – here you can create different ticket types, such as “earlybird”, “standard”, “student”, “members” and so on. Pricing shown on the registration form will reflect either the date (eg earlybird) and/or which option an attendee chooses (eg member price).

Sometimes, though, you’ll have more specific requirements for your pricing. You may want to offer a special discounted price for your event sponsors, or have your speakers register for free. You can do this via the “Vouchers” facility in Lil Regie.

Your event needs to be published in order to access “Vouchers”. Once it is, you’ll see there’s a “Vouchers” tab in the "Manage" menu.

Click on the “Vouchers” tab then on the “Create a voucher” button.

Give your voucher a name and description. These aren’t seen by anyone publicly, but allow you to see at a glance what voucher does and who it’s for. Lil Regie will create a voucher code for you, but you're also welcome to create your own.

There are two options for how the voucher is used. You can require people to go to a unique url to redeem the voucher – this is a form exactly like the main registration form you’ve created for your event, except with the different pricing. In this example, you’ll need to send them to the address:

Or you can have them enter a code on the main registration form and activate the special pricing that way. If you choose the “Redeem voucher through screen input” option, then the registration form will have a field where attendees can enter the code and change the price.

You can set a maximum number of redemptions for a voucher, and after this number is reached, then the voucher will not be available. At this stage you can also specify whether you'd like to allow voucher-redeemers to override any sold-out restrictions. 

To set the pricing for your voucher, enter the price you want for each of the eventlets comprising your event.

All vouchers you create are then listed on the “Vouchers” page.

In addition, you can display all bookings made with vouchers, via the 'Payment status' filter on the Bookings page. Each booking is tagged with the voucher code that was used.

You won’t use vouchers for every event. But for those times you need them, they’re a useful feature of Lil Regie.

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