Creating a new event

Join us as we step through creating a new event with Lil Regie!

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When you’re ready to build the registration form for your event, click on the “Create a new event” button. The next steps are choosing whether it’s a standalone event or whether it’s made up of what we’ve called ‘eventlets’; whether it’s a paid or a free event; and whether you're collecting details about attendees or not.

For more information about events where you just need to know the number of tickets sold, please see our Help article, 'A "tickets only" event with Lil Regie'.

After you "save & continue" we'll then ask you a few questions about your event. 

(If you're creating a larger event made up of many smaller events - what we like to call "eventlets - such as a series of workshops, we'll ask you about the parent event first, and then get down to the eventlet level.)

You can set the number of tickets available (or leave blank for unlimited sales!). You’ll also need to set the start and finish dates for your event. There’s the ability to set start and finish times also.

Contact details

Next, you can add contact name, email, phone and website address details. 

About your event

You have the option to add some more details about your event to appear on the registration form.


A description about the event, including links. Here you can provide a link back to your event’s website, and this will show up on the registration form, as well as giving a little more information about the event – perhaps a short description, or the name of the presenter. 


Let people know the venue name and address and show them a map.

Social media

Finally, you can add links to your social media presence.

How do all of these look on an actual registration form?

Here’s part of our sample registration form with the above details completed.

The “Description” information is shown beneath the time and place details, with a “Show more” link if needed.

The map shows up within a modal window when that link is clicked on.

The contact details and any social media links are also shown within a pop-up modal window.

Once you’ve finished this screen, you’re ready to choose what sort of tickets you want to sell and their prices!

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