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Creating a Lil Regie event
Collecting information from attendees
Collecting information from attendees

How to tailor your form to collect the info you need from your attendees.

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Lil Regie makes it easy and flexible to collect information from the attendees registering for your event. If you want to collect more information however, you do this by creating new form sections and adding fields to them. 

Click on the “Add a new section” button and you’ll be prompted to create your new form section.

Once you’ve created your new form section you can then create fields for it via the “Add form field” button.

You’ll then name your form field, decide what type of field (e.g. text input, multi-choice, radio button) and add options where needed.

Once you’re happy with  all the information you want to collect...’re ready to move onto designing how your form looks!

Note that for "Tickets only events", this section will not appear when creating your event as you don't collect any Attendee information for these events.

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