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Now that your form’s designed, you’ll decide how you want to collect payment from your attendees.

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Lil Regie offers a number of options for collecting payment online and for sending out invoices to those registering. 

Credit card payments

If you want to accept credit card payments online, just tick the “Take instant online payments by credit card” option, and then select the merchant account you would prefer to use: 

Our own Lil Regie merchant account is the default option, but you can also use Stripe, Pushpay (only available for events charged USD) and PayPal.

To use Stripe, select that option and then the 'Activate Stripe' button

You'll be taken to the Stripe website and prompted to log in and give Lil Regie access.

To use PayPal, select that option, enter your email and then click the 'Activate PayPal' button. Note that if you use PayPal, when attendees register, they'll be taken to the PayPal website to process their payment.

Issue an invoice for payment

If you'd like people to pay after receiving an invoice from you, we've got an option for that too. Simply select that option and set your payment terms. 

Note that for "Tickets only" events, there is no option to issue an invoice for payment, and all payments are with credit card.

Managing your payments and invoicing

After that you can choose from three options to manage your payments and invoicing: stick with Lil Regie, sync with Xero, or manually manage these yourself, if you'd prefer.

If you want Lil Regie to send out invoices on your behalf, we’ll collect a little more information from you. 

(Note that if you've selected the credit card option as well as invoicing, Lil Regie will generate a paid invoice for that too.) 

Then for everyone who registers and chooses to receive an invoice for payment, Lil Regie will send out a PDF invoice on your behalf as soon as they register.

 If you have a Xero account and want to use that, we’ll direct you to the Xero customisation page (found in the Advanced section).

Once you connect to Xero you can set up and sync tracking categories if you wish.

When this option is set, the first time you log back into Lil Regie and there are invoices waiting to be sent, Lil Regie will prompt you to log into your Xero account and give access to Lil Regie.  You’ll only need to do this once, and from then on, Lil Regie will automatically send invoices to Xero. These will then be waiting in Xero for you as drafts, ready to be approved and sent out. 

And if you’d rather do all the invoicing yourself, Lil Regie offers the ability for your to export all the data so you can create your own invoices.

Finally, we just need a little information as to who’s collecting the money.

You’re now ready to set the Terms and fine print for your event.

For more information on payments, please see our advanced help articles:
Using Xero and Lil Regie
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or feel free to contact our Live Support!

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