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Creating a Lil Regie event
Setting Terms and fine print for your event
Setting Terms and fine print for your event

You’ll need to let people know the terms for your event – things like your refund and cancellation policies.

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In terms of the fine print, Lil Regie has its own set of terms and conditions, which all attendees must accept as part of the booking process. But we've got a fine print section too where you can create your own page with the terms and conditions specific to your event. There’ll be a link to these from the registration form and you’ll also be able to send people directly to the page if they inquire.

If you'd like to stick with our default fine print text, then you don't need to do anything! We've tucked this away under the Advanced section. But if you would like to customise your fine print, you can do that too: 

You also have the ability to decide how people agree to the terms for your event – either implicitly when they register, or explicitly by ticking a checkbox.

The final step in setting your event up is giving us some details for confirmation and notification emails.

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