When do we pay the Lil Regie fees? and other questions.

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What fees are involved with using Lil Regie?

We charge 2.75% (plus GST for New Zealand events) of the amount for each attendee, and in addition there is a varying charge depending on the payment method. If people pay you by cash or bank deposit there are no other fees. If you use our credit card payment gateway, this incurs an additional 2.75% (no GST). We also support payments via your own Stripe or PayPal account, which have varying fees.

There is a maximum fees cap of NZD $19.95 for New Zealand events; for events in other countries, see here.

Do you have fees for debit cards?

Debit cards have the same fees as credit cards (we support Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit and debit cards).

Is there an associated fee for invoices?

There is no additional processing fee for invoice payments. These are paid directly into your own bank account.

What about fees for not-for-profit events?

Unfortunately we don't have not-for-profit pricing, but we've recently eliminated our fees for free events, which helps out those running things at no cost.

Who pays these fees?

We charge our fees directly to you, not to the customer. If you'd like the customer to pay them, please increase your pricing accordingly to compensate.

Can you give me an example of a fee calculation?

For a $250 ticket, for an NZ event that is GST-inclusive, and paying by credit card:
$6.875 Lil Regie fee + $1.03 GST
$6.875 credit card charge (no GST)

total $14.78

When do we pay the fees? 

If you’ve been using the Lil Regie merchant account for credit card transactions, then we’ll pay you out this money minus our fees once the event has finished. 

At the conclusion of the event, you'll be sent a link to a financial summary. This will detail how much money we’ve collected via credit card payments, how much our fees and merchant fees are, and the amount due to you. Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with this financial summary, and let us know your bank account details, we’ll pay the money into your bank account. We’ll also send you an invoice for our fees (showing them as fully paid up) for your records.

If you're using Stripe to handle credit card payments, we take our fees at the time of transaction.

In all other cases, we’ll invoice you for our fees once your event has finished and the payment is due within 14 days.

To view the status of Lil Regie fees

To view the status of Lil Regie fees (and how much has been paid, or is still outstanding), you can navigate to Manage > Reports. Then expand the node for "Lil Regie fees."

The below example shows an event that's using Stripe as its merchant account. (With Stripe, the fees are withdrawn at the point of credit card processing.) Here, you can see the total Lil Regie fees that remain to be invoiced at the end of the event.

More information

For the full list of fees for different payment types, and for a list of maximum fees for events in different countries, see our pricing page.

You can also get in touch with us at any time, via our Live Help. We're happy to further discuss any questions you might have.



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