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Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations are always the same, but refunds can vary, depending on which merchant account you use for credit card transactions.

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Bulk cancellations and refunds

With the Coronavirus situation, we now have a feature in place where we can close tickets sales, cancel all bookings and set refunds for all credit card payments with one click. If you're fully cancelling and refunding your event, this should save you a lot time and means you won't need to do so for each individual booking. If you'd like to do this, please contact us, as we need to do it for you. Note that all credit cards payments would be refunded in full with the feature.


You can cancel an entire booking, or you can cancel one (or more) attendees within a larger booking.

Cancelling an entire booking

Once someone has let you know they want to cancel their booking, go to their booking page and click on the “Cancel Booking” link:

This will take you to a screen where you can cancel the booking:

Click the “Cancel” button to cancel the booking.

Cancelling an attendee

To cancel a single attendee, go to their attendee page, within the “Who’s Coming” section, and click on the “Cancel attendee” link:

Then follow the same process as for cancelling a booking.


Where the booking has been made via the Lil Regie merchant account

If the registration was made with a credit card and through the Lil Regie merchant account, then the Cancellation screen will also show you an “Optional refund details” section. Here you can enter the amount you would like to refund. You can also choose to leave yourself an administration fee:

As above, Click the “Cancel” button to cancel the booking and start the refund process. Lil Regie will automatically be notified of this and we will refund the indicated amount directly back onto the credit card that was used for the payment.

The booking is then marked as cancelled, and with a status of “Refund pending.”

Once Lil Regie has made the refund, we will notify the billing contact and the booking will now have a status of “Refund complete”.

If you have charged an administration fee, this will be passed onto you when we hand over the credit card money at the conclusion of the event. You can view all emails generated by Lil Regie for the cancellation and refund process in the “Booking history” section of the Booking page.

Refunds where payment was not made via the Lil Regie merchant account

This will be the case where your own, or a third-party, merchant account was used, or where payment was made into your bank account via invoice. For these situations, refunds are your responsibility and you’ll need to arrange them yourself. For your records, Lil Regie does allow you to enter the amount you intend to refund when making the cancellation:

The booking is then shown as cancelled, and with a status of “Refund Due”. Once you have made the refund, click on the “Mark as refunded” button:

and enter the details of the refund:

Then click the “Process refund” button, and the booking will be marked as “Refunded”:

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