An event organiser contacted us recently for help setting up a multi-day conference. In addition to the main ticket option, she also wanted to allow for single-day attendances, but wasn't sure how to set that up.

The best way is to create multiple events (what we like to call 'eventlets'), and then set up some rules to help keep everything straightforward. In the following example I'm setting up a two-day conference with the option to purchase a single day ticket for either of the two days.

It's important to select the 'eventlet' option when you first create your event:

I've configured my eventlets so the main conference lasts for two days, with the "sub-eventlets" set for one day each (and specifically named to hopefully avoid any confusion).

I've also made sure that if someone selects the main conference option, they won't be able to also accidentally select one of the single day options as well. To do this, I select the "If the attendee selects this eventlet, don’t allow them to register for other eventlets during the same time period" option.

I select this for each eventlet. 

This means if I select the main conference, I won't be able to then select a single day eventlet as well. Conversely, if I select a single day eventlet I won't be able to select the two-day option. I will, however, be able to buy both the one-day tickets separately, as their time periods have no overlap.

How does this look on my registration form?

If I select the two-day option:

Or the one-day option:

We hope this has given you some ideas about how you can customise Lil Regie to suit your event's needs. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us via our Live Help!

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