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Using Lil Regie and Stripe
Using Lil Regie and Stripe

Let us walk you through setting up payments with Stripe.

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Lil Regie gives you the option to use third-party merchant accounts to process credit card payments for your event. Stripe is one of these, and setting it up is straightforward and easy.

Why use Stripe?

One great benefit of using Stripe for your credit card transactions is that the money from this is paid directly from Stripe into your bank account. The exact timing of this is between you and Stripe, but it's generally on a rolling, weekly basis. This is great for your cashflow and means that Lil Regie is not holding your money as we do when our merchant account is used.

Will event attendees notice any difference?

Nope! All registrations will take place on the Lil Regie form. Attendees won't even know you're using Stripe.

Lil Regie fees

Another advantage of using Stripe, is that Lil Regie is able to withdraw our fees at the point of credit card processing. Thus, the money you receive from Stripe will already have had our fees taken out. You can enjoy a rolling payments schedule, and also know that the majority of fees (if not all - assuming on other payment options) will have been paid by the time your event has finished.

Note that for registrations where an invoice has been sent out for payment, Lil Regie will send you an invoice for payment of these at the conclusion of your event.

How to set it up

During your event setup, under the Payments tab, select the option to "take instant online payments by credit card," then select the Stripe option.

Next, select the 'Activate Stripe' button. You'll be redirected to the Stripe site and prompted to enter your credentials there. You'll need to have an existing Stripe account to do this, and will be sent back to Lil Regie once this is done.

Once that's completed, the Payments section will look like this: 

Before you decide to publish your event, we encourage you to fully test your registration page. Part of that will include testing payments, and Stripe has a comprehensive help section on how to do that. 

To view the status of Lil Regie fees (and how much has been paid, or is still outstanding), you can navigate to Manage > Reports. Then expand the node for "Lil Regie fees."

In the below example, you can see I've had two registrations for my event. One person has booked through Stripe, and one has requested an invoice. The report illustrates which fees have already been paid, and how much I'm still owing.

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Otherwise feel free to contact us via Live Help any time - we're always happy to help!

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