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Lil Regie and Zoom
Lil Regie and Zoom

Need a little more help setting up your next Zoom event?

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Many event organisers are turning to Zoom to help host their online events and webinars right now. If you're wondering how you can make the most of Lil Regie for your next Zoom event, we've got the details below.

As you might expect, you'll need both a Zoom and Lil Regie account to proceed. Zoom offers a few options for its plans and pricing details (including a free option), while our fees list can be found here

Once you've got both accounts set up the way you'd like them, you're ready to go.

An example event setup

Begin your setup over at Zoom. From your dashboard, click the "schedule meeting" button, and enter your event's details there. We recommend taking a look at Zoom's tips on ensuring a secure meeting experience.

Once that's done, make note of your invitation instructions; you will need this information shortly.

Back over at Lil Regie, it's time to set up your event. If it's your first time doing this, you might like to take a quick look at our help information on the topic.

Make sure you select the option for "collect details about attendees," as the online option isn't available for "ticket-only" events. 

For  our purposes here it doesn't matter if you are creating a stand-alone, or multi-eventlet event, however, so pick whatever's appropriate.

On the next page ("Event Details"), make sure your Event Setup section is correct, including time zone and currency information.

Further down the page, make sure you complete the Online Event section with your meeting details from Zoom. Please give some consideration to whether you will show or hide your meeting's URL on the main registration form; for a more general link this may not be an issue, but for a specific Zoom meeting you may want to only display this in the confirmation email sent to registered attendees.

For more options and help on sending the event access information to attendees, check out our Reminder emails help page.

The rest of the event set-up process is unchanged, though we recommend you take a look at the Advanced tab for your event's settings, especially if you'd like to customise emails and reminders.

(Lil Regie also supports sending emails on a more 'ad-hoc' basis. See our help information on using Mailchimp, or using our data export feature to extract an email list for more details.)

Other considerations

Check-ins, and uninvited guests

There are several ways you can keep track of who has joined your Zoom session. The first is to track attendees as they log-in and join the session, in real time. This approach requires a handy helper with access to Lil Regie's check-in tool. As attendees come online, your helper can mark them as checked-in.

The alternative to this is to confirm who attended your event, via Zoom's usage reporting. Reporting is only available to Pro subscribers, but if you have signed up for this, detailed information on individual users' engagement is available. This information can then be cross-referenced using the check-in tool to determine your attendance numbers. (See this how-to for more information.)

The downside to this second approach is that in checking your attendees after the event is finished, it's more difficult to identify uninvited "guests" while your event is live. All the same, Zoom has some great tips and tricks on how to manage any gate-crashers.

Other advice and best practice articles

In designing our approach to supporting online events with Zoom, we've come across some great resources. We hope you'll find them as interesting as we did:

In addition, we have further information on moving your event online in our help section.

If you have any other questions about Lil Regie and Zoom, or moving your event online, please get in touch with us via our Live Help!

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