Creating your tickets

Once you’ve set up the scope of your event, you’re ready to create the tickets you want to be on sale and set a price for them.

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There are four options to choose from, but don’t worry, it’s a lot simpler than it might first look!

For a lot of events, you’re just going to have the single price, so go with the default option. But Lil Regie offers a lot of flexibility!

You might want to have differently-priced tickets for different groups of people – e.g. for students and for the general public. Or you might want to offer different prices for tickets depending on when they’re bought – e.g. early-bird tickets and standard-priced tickets. Or you might even want to offer both early-bird and standard priced tickets for students and the general public!

You can do all of that on this screen.

One you’re happy with the sort of tickets you’re offering, you’re ready to set the price on the "Ticket prices" page. 

(Note this is also where you specify whether you'll need to collect GST, and if your prices will include or exclude tax.)

You’ll notice the “Show discount option” link here. We won’t go into details with this blog post, but Lil Regie allows you a lot of scope in setting price discounts for your events.

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